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TYME Line Instructions

(803) 278-5590
(803) 648-9340
1 (800) 554-8963

1. Dial TYME Line by one of the numbers listed above. The system will greet you.

2. Enter your Account Number followed by the # sign.

3. You will be prompted to create your Personal Access Code. Please enter your new access code, followed by the # sign.

4. Our New Security Feature is the addition of a Secondary Access Code. To establish your secondary access code, do the following:

Once you have entered your Personal Access Code, you will be prompted to create a new secondary access code, followed by the # sign.

After both Access Codes have been created, the system will prompt you to authenticate yourself:

Enter your full 9-digit social security number for verification, followed by the # sign.

Note: Your secondary access code cannot match your primary access code.