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Teen Advantage Plus (TAP)

TAP is a program designed exclusively for teens ages 13 through 17 to teach the basics of personal financial responsibility. In TAP you'll learn how to write checks, establish your credit, and how to borrow money the smart way.

TAP has two levels of services, Basic and Extended. Basic Services provide the fundamental tools for managing your personal finances, such as savings and checking. On reaching age 13, all members are eligible for the Basic Services.

Extended Services allow TAP members to reach a higher level of financial knowledge and responsibility by establishing their credit with installment loans and credit cards. TAP members must meet certain criteria to qualify for Extended Services.

Members must qualify for TAP Extended Services by meeting the following criteria:

  • Must have checking account for a minimum of three months;
  • Must show that the checking account has been reconciled for the past three consecutive months;
  • Checking account may not have any overdraft transfers; and
  • Checking account may not have any insufficient funds charges.


*All TAP services, Basic and Extended, must be guaranteed by a parent, guardian, or other responsible adult.